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     Best Brand Solutions was started out of a necessity to provide overall organizational solutions. John Coffill, the founder, has a passion to help people and organizations find their absolute advantage (what is performed the best.) John has been in the printing industry since 1998 and has seen that industry change dramatically over time; furthermore, he has managed printing companies that have survived the economic downturn. As Operations Manager, John implemented Web2Print as a solution to compete with online printing while differentiating by offering the value-added service of personal consultation. Leading the charge with the United States Postal Service, John was the Every Door Direct Mail leading expert within RR Donnelley, RRD, a multi-billion dollar corporation, and he consulted on many complex organizational solutions to partner with USPS to help derive the best “win, win” scenarios.

     After 20 years in the industry and seeing more changes coming, John needed the autonomy to make decisions for the company direction, so he decided to leave corporate America and start his own business! John knew that he could not do this alone, so he started sorting and sifting for a business partner that has the same vision, and after a few attempts to recruit and share, Niel Wingfield, John’s best friend, saw an opportunity to incorporate his passion with becoming a business owner. With Niel’s knowledge, experience and passion, Best Brand Solutions gained the momentum needed to get off the ground and will continue to evolve to meet the current needs of our market.

BBS Giving Back to the Community

  • GNV Community T shirt fund raiser

    • $5 from every shirt sale goes to a local nonprofit​

  • Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

    • "Keep Workplace Safe" kit


   Bread of The Mighty - $100


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