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Have you been wanting to expand the reach of your products... But either are not ready for paid ads, or are looking for an additional method?

If so- Utilizing Brand Ambassadors may be the perfect next step for your company!! Brand Ambassadors entire purpose is to create a platform with a great following, in order to utilize this reach by helping like minded companies in exchange for either products or payment. If you have a product based company- this can be a fantastic outlet for increasing sales, reach and following. But before simply reaching out to any and every brand ambassador you see - we have a few tips.

1. First, check their posts engagement. Do they have a lot of likes and comments showing interest in the products they are promoting? If not, their page may have “fake” or “bought” followers. Just because a page looks great- doesn’t always mean it will be worth the investment of sending your products or payment to them. If however you see a lot of comments and interest on their product specific posts- then this may truly be a great name to choose!

2. Secondly, use a contract. Especially if your products have a higher value- you will want to utilize a brand ambassador contract showing specifically what you desire in exchange from them for your products. You can include things such as desired social media tags, hashtags, how often they must post to highlight you, length of term of agreement, branding specifics and more. Brand Ambassadors are becoming quite the fad with the younger generation- and as such there are many that are not worth your investment. Utilizing a contract can help weed these out- and simply make such agreement that much more professional and trackable.

3. Lastly- Choose wisely based off of their quality of content. Not only do you want your products represented well, but if the brand ambassador does a good job of taking high quality photos or videos of your products- then you can utilize this as part of the agreement and instantly have a wider variety of daily content for yourself to post! Think- Models, Creativity, Graphics, Promotional videos. If a brand ambassador is talented at creating great content, then this alone may be worth the investment rather than having to hire a photographer or model yourself.

For more information on how to utilize brand ambassadors for your company, setup a free consult today!

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