Collaboration Builds our Business Community!

I started Best Brand Solutions to be able to work with people that I want to work with and want to work with me, to have the autonomy to make organizational decisions and the chance to be wealthy. As a start-up entrepreneur, I am looking for companies that want to think outside the box and create something new through collaboration. Along my entrepreneurial journey, I have found companies that are open to thinking outside the "box" and organizations that do not have the latitude to think outside the "box". The"box" being the SOP of their business and typical business practices. In my world, everything is negotiable!

"The Child" or start-up company is open to new ideas and concepts because of not having sustained success in the market yet and the need to build a network or team for resources. A start-up is the child of the business community and can learn from the established organizations on how to innovate through collaboration. Being in a start-up incubator is an integral part of a start-up's success! If you are in a start-up incubator, visit your neighbor and find out what they do and how you can help. By doing so, doors will open and alliances will forge!

I see the future start-up business model more and more gravitating towards a model that leverages off bigger institutions for resources and early infrastructure. Larger institutions will be smart to be open-minded and use start-up companies to build their businesses. By doing so, bigger businesses can scale through duplication rather than expansion.

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