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Elevator Pitch! If only it was a marriage proposal.

An elevator pitch can either make or break your business. Your initial pitch will ultimately decide whether or not that client is going to hire, or buy from you, and they will decide it usually within 10 seconds or less.

If only it was as simple as a marriage proposal- where they already have a mass of information lying behind their answer to your proposition! But alas- most of the time, they have very little background to go off of and are ready with zero baggage to make their decision of whether to invest their time, money and future with you within mere seconds.

Here are a few tips in creating your pitch:

  • Introduction: Firstly whether your pitch is verbal, or digital, introduce yourself. Keep it simple- use either your persona name, or your business name, and make it warm.

  • Problem: Relate to them and their problem specifically, make them feel as if you truly understand what they are in need of.

  • Solution : This is where you give your value. You need to be able to tell them in a simple sentence, what it is that you do for them. For example “We help small businesses grow on the digital level by scaling their reach, conversions, and revenue.”

  • Ask: This is where you apply your call to action to them- in the form of a question. Ask them if they are ready to take that step, towards their desired growth. Create it to be appealing so that they can easily visualize it happening. If they can’t visualize it, they will be hesitant to jump on board.

People, especially business folk, are busy. Rarely are they going to give much time to an unknown- so make sure your elevator pitch is quick, to the point, shows value, and verbally or in text paints the vision for them. The vision- is what will keep you remembered, this is what will create the desire for them to work with you or buy your products! Without a vision, it is simply forgotten words.

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