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Email Marketing! Why use it?

Email marketing is a very large topic. Today we’re just going to touch on a few key notes...

First off- what is it? Well essentially email marketing is a way to recapture your audiences attention, whether for announcements, promos, or specials.

Why is this important? Well - As we all know, people these days are very busy. We all have a vast array of events, work, family, friends and more occupying our daily thoughts. We are also, by nature, are impulse creatures. When we see something we need, we tend to act on it NOW. At the same time, if we are in need of something and it is not currently present at the forefront of our minds, one of two things occurs...

Either A: We simply do not pursue it at all and it is forgotten until the next reminder.

Or B: We have the need arise - and find the quickest way to purchase. Often times for small businesses, this sadly means losing a client to a big company, for no other reason than the client first thinks of them first at that moment of need.

This is one moment where Email Marketing holds great value. For small businesses, we highly encourage sending out weekly campaigns to your current customers, that not only remind them of the products you have available now, but also hold secondary value. Take our blog series for prime example. We off these blogs to provide value and free educational insight to our valued clients. We - as a business - strongly believe in investing into our clients, not just marketing to them. For when our clients grow- we grow! This is truly the beauty of the small business community. Major corporations do not have anything to gain from investing into small businesses, they simply profit off of them. For this reason- we believe in the aspect of strengthening and lifting up one another, and providing first hand educational information and free consults to all our clients. We urge you as a small business to consider the value that comes from creating blogs or courses, that go into detail of what it is that you provide to your clients! From this you can formulate strong impactful content, to develop into your email marketing campaigns. Then, not only do you repopulate your brand into your clients eyes, possibly increasing your revenue, but you are also investing back into them and strengthening that relationship from company to consumer, along with 8nvesti g into your community.

We hope this peaks your interest in revamping your own email marketing campaigns!

If you’d like more information on how to formulate top quality Email marketing campaigns, or other digital marketing info, contact us today for a free consult!

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