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Expectations Lead to Our Creations

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

All of us have special and unique God given talents, and our worldview perspective leads us to tapping into our absolute advantage. During my life growing up, I had a great leader in my life that laid the foundation to the man I am today. The leader I speak of believed with all of her heart that I can do anything I set my mind to and she often told me this even though I did not believe it myself. My coach was always there for me through thick and thin even though I might not have wanted her there. My mentor showed me how to communicate with people and lead them in a way that was nurturing and fostered growth. My hero expected the best and would not settle for a "half ass" job! The leadership and expectation drove me to excel, and even though I wandered off the path that she led me to, I always found my way back because she left the light on for me! By now, do you know who my leader, mentor, coach and hero is?

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