Facebook Paid Ads- Understanding per analytics, what to boost.

While last week we looked at analytics as a whole- this week we are looking at Facebook analytics specifically. Did your post get great reach and engagement- but then did poorly as a paid ad? Why?

Take a look at these two photos below.

First one has a reach of 2,400 and engagement of 176, while second has a lesser reach of 1,500 and engagement of only 76....

Yet we would boost the second ad. Why? Because of the “Link clicks” and “Other clicks.” Link clicks are as they sound- clicks to the website link within the Ad Copy, and “other clicks” are usually clicks back to the original page that posted the content- which also acts as a sales funnel.

Facebook algorithms would tell you through your daily notifications- to boost the first one, because the overall engagement is higher. Yet, per organic analytics- it would not do well. Algorithms are not always accurate- and this is why computers have yet to become superior to human-first-hand visual studies.

Make sure to monitor your posts— don’t just go per algorithms- and ensure your investment is going to the correct ads, and correct audience!

Organic post #1

Superior Organic Post #2

Be sure to check in next week for our blog on how to get such incredible organic analytics like shown above without even having to invest in paid ads!! Most advertisement companies would suggest investing a small amount of money into every post in order to discover which works best- and then investing more into the top ad- but with our methods we build an organic platform that gives you the raw data needed, without initial monetary investment, that even generates leads before you’ve turned it into a paid ad.

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