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Finding Opportunity in the Midst of Adversity

Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Service are my core values and influence the decisions I make. Working in the printing industry since 1998, I have seen many changes with technology that has enhanced how we communicate: how information is created, delivered and received. Telephone calls became emails. Word documents became digital files. Information changing more rapidly, so smaller production runs, but more frequent publications. Integrating QR codes in print to make the connection between print and digital.

Since I started my career, I have been preparing myself and those around me for my next position of responsibility(an important lesson I learned from my mother). During the same timeline, I look back and see how I have embraced change to grow personally.

From my days in production, I was always looking for ways to run the equipment more efficiently and teaching others the same methodology starting with "Why". Starting with why allowed people to have a reason to strive to do better. Sharing my why would push others. I lead by example and help others to find their absolute advantage. I have encouraged others to to find fulfillment elsewhere when they are not happy what they are doing. I have helped employees find jobs elsewhere. Having people as the top priority will bring out the best and people know when someone is genuinely concerned about their success.

When my career evolved and I went into sales. I used the same methodology and helping my customers find he best solutions by simply asking questions. Again, I start with Why and work my way backwards to derive the best solution. Customers that trust me will allow us to have a conversation to pick the best tool for the job. Having your customer's best interest in mind will indeed bear the most fruit. Speaking of fruit, tending to the fruit tree will certainly bear more fruit than simply taking all the fruit and leaving the tree until next time.

Now as a business owner, I am utilizing everything I have learned through my twenty year career in printing from production to management to sales. The entrepreneurship journey has been an amazing roller coaster of highs and lows. Using my core values: Integrity, Quality, Service and Innovation has helped me guide my business through my personal adversity and as well as circumstances out of my control. The pandemic and social distancing has been a challenge for my business to derive a solution, but I have been able to help people which is one of my passions while building my brand by creating a perpetual fundraising element within my business!

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