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This weeks Marketing Tips Topic is: Grass Roots Engagement!

When most of us think about marketing, we think of advertisement. Commercials. Paid Ads.

But that is only the exterior shell- not the foundation. The foundation of all marketing companies should be their Grass Roots. What we mean by this- is exactly as it sounds. The pieces and roots of your company that go deep underneath your foundation- and feed into the community that contains the clients in which you desire to target. These are the methods that are unable to be automated, but are truly important in order for the next pieces of your marketing plan to work. 

Some methods of Grass Roots Engagement are:

  • Being involved with your local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Participating in events with the community or businesses in which you want to work with.

  • Purchasing products from businesses that you would like to in turn work with.

  • Engaging in social media groups that are relevant to your community and clientele.

  • Sharing your own social media posts, into these groups as a method of free advertisement.

  • Sending out personalized letters, emails, messages or phone calls to your client audience.

  • Creating giveaways that support your community or local non profit- with products that clients would desire.

  • Highlighting other companies' efforts or products in your social media posts or on your website.

  • Posting physical Tear-Off flyers, or sharing physical flyers within your community.

  • Creating functional business cards that clients will desire to use- and display within their business. Remember- In Sight means In Mind.

  • Email marketing campaigns that keep your company present in your clients mind- and up to date with your new products or services.

  • Supporting non profits with proceeds from your sales of a specific and related product.

If you are not utilizing these methods, why? Is it a lack of time? Being unsure on how to proceed? Not understanding how to apply them?

If you are in need of grass roots, digital, print or promotional marketing- message us now. We would be happy to offer a free consultation for your company to help you understand where you are successful- and where you need to delve deeper into.

Don’t miss out! Our next marketing tip is all about social media analytics. Knowing how to read them, how to see what works, what doesn’t, and where to invest your money. If you’ve hired a marketing company, are they providing you with analytics? Do you understand the backside to what they are doing? Remember- it is YOUR company. If we do not understand the pieces underneath it - then we have no way of knowing what is working, and what is going to waste.

Lets Grow Together. -BBS Digital Marketing Team.


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