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Updated: Aug 11

Recently we discussed analytics as a whole, and then Facebook analytics specifically. This week we delve deeper into the analytics of organic reach on its own- and the importance of focusing on and increasing such, especially before investing into paid ads.

Previously before Facebook offered paid ads- organic was the only option. However back then, the algorithms in place allowed your page to show up, far easier than they do now. Now that everything is prioritized through Facebook algorithms and based upon how much the business owner is paying- many are finding their posts, no matter how well created, are not reaching their target audience. Most companies will tell you- the only way to correct this is by boosting. We are here to tell you, there is another way! Ad Copy:

First & foremost- as a business owner you need to make sure your posts have good “ad copy.“ Study your competitors, and see what appears to be working for them. Make sure the title stands out- the body is simple, concise & to the point, and that the graphic or video is eye catching enough to “stop the scroll.” Also ensure you have a good link, with a proper landing page easily seen & clicked within the post. If you have a quality post geared directly towards your target audience, then your next step is organic reach.

Organic reach:

  1. Sharing: Once you know who your target audience is, the next piece vital to expanding your reach- is sharing your post. You can do this by sharing it to your own profile, sharing through marketing emails, to relevant pages, and to social media groups. This can get tricky as Facebook has algorithms to limit how often you share, and many groups have rules pertaining to what you can share. You will have to do the research, or hire a SMM company that has the knowledge, as to what groups to prioritize and how often you can utilize them. It can be tricky, time consuming, and sometimes difficult- but this method alone has generated a massive increase of income for many small businesses. If you do not have the time or tech savvy approach- we highly suggest hiring a marketing company that does. Once you have this organic reach established- you can then also utilize the data as a means to quality-test your posts before investing into them for paid ads.

  2. Tagging: Another method of generating organic reach- is by tagging people, groups and businesses in your posts. This is a way to create a post towards a very specific audience- and then tagging businesses into the posts in order to alert them of the content, which could result in a hot lead. It is not a guarantee by any means- but is a great marketing tool to utilize for lead generation. This can be utilized on the majority of social media platforms as well- where as sharing can only be utilized on Facebook.

  3. Highlighting Businesses: Our third method of organic reach- is highlighting. With this method, you would create a post completely geared towards promoting or highlighting another company on your page. Not only does this make the highlighted company view your work & business, but if they appreciate the post- they may also share it to their profile or friends, which generates another source of organic reach similar to “word of mouth.” This is also a way to remind past clients of your services & products offered- which could jog their memory of a need they currently have, resulting in a sale.

Utilizing these methods can be very time consuming and it can take time to perfect a process that works for your business specifically. They cannot be automated, and Facebook in particular is not fond of them and may find ways to hinder your efforts. But for organic reach via the online source- they are gold, and definitely worth the effort.

For more information on how to create organic reach- or for digital marketing in general, contact us today for a free consult!

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