High-Quality Hand Sanitizer You Need to Know About

Hand sanitizer is in high demand as health and safety concerns are top-of-mind with customers and consumers. Make sure you know how to tell expertly crafted products from cheap lookalikes, especially during times when there's no room for compromise. Thankfully, that will never be the case when you partner with Best Brand Solutions. All of the hand sanitizer is FDA-approved and made in the USA, so your clients can rest assured their products adhere to the highest standards of ingredients and quality. What's more, Best Brand Solutions. spent countless hours developing and researching their original formula to make it the best it could be. The result is one of the highest-quality hand sanitizers available on the market today, and it's less than you might think. Here's what to look for.

Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 1 oz Bottle with Custom Label


Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 1 oz Bottle with Custom Label

Made in the USA

The trapezoid bottle of this promo isn't the only thing reminiscent of retail hand sanitizer. The 61% gel hand sanitizer is Best Brand Solutions's most popular style, and most importantly, while supply might be of concern with other suppliers, that's not the case with Best Brand Solutions. Our hand sanitizer supply is nearly limitless, whether you need to purchase 1-oz. bottles or 55-gallon drums. This is especially important to reorder, such as corporate healthcare programs or grocery stores handing out hand sanitizer to shoppers to improve safety.

  • Business of all sizes – give to staff in the office or working remotely

  • K-12 school districts – mail to students and staff working online

  • Banks and finance – give to bank members upon entry

Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 2 oz Bottle with Custom Label


Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 2 oz Bottle with Custom Label

Made in the USA

There's much to be said about the trust that comes along with products made in the USA. All of Best Brand Solutions's hand sanitizer is made in Gainesville, FL, so clients will feel confident purchasing and receive their order faster than if it was shipped from overseas. This 2-oz. bottle makes an excellent giveaway or direct-mail incentive, thanks to its low weight and small size. But don't worry: Once you add your brand to the custom label, these hand sanitizer bottles will be impossible not to notice.

  • Food stores – give to shoppers or cashiers to use on the job

  • Restaurants – add to takeout bags as a free gift to thank diners

  • Retail stores – mail to loyal customers with a discount code to shop online

Large Quantities Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 1 gal Bottle with Custom Label


Hand Sanitizer, 61% Gel, 1 gal Bottle with Custom Label

Remember when we said supply was no issue for Best Brand Solutions? We weren't kidding. If you are looking for large quantities of hand sanitizer, this 1-gallon bottle is just the thing. Filled with our most in-demand hand sanitizer gel, you will know that you aren't losing out on quality for quantity – you truly can have both. As germ prevention remains top-of-mind in our communities, you'll find more businesses looking for large jugs of hand sanitizer gel.

  • Corporate offices – leave in common areas for staff

  • Grocery stores – put dispensers near doorways

  • Healthcare – stock up on germ prevention supplies

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