Landing pages! What is their purpose and why are they vital?

Many do not understand- or underestimate the importance of a landing page. Especially within social media. You may be asking- why do I need a landing page? Why can I not simply direct them to my website? The simple answer- is that people are lazy, and easily distracted. Landing pages are truly an indispensable piece of marketing & lead generation. 

The top 3 factors of landing pages are:

Lead generation.


Collecting prospects information.

1. Lead generation:

How are you going to get prospects? How will potential customers or clients find your website and become a conversion? There are many methods- but if you are not utilizing lead generation within your social media posts- then the chances of your viewers becoming customers drops dramatically. We already know Ad Copy is a vital piece to this- but if your landing page for the posts is not quality, you may never see a conversion from your posts no matter how far the reach and engagement is. 

Studies show that marketers capture leads at a higher rate by sending them to dedicated landing pages, rather than sending traffic to the home page. The purpose of the landing page should be to simplify the steps so that prospects can become conversions at a higher rate! If your prospect has to click through more than 3 times, chances are they will lose interest. 

To have a solid landing page- make sure it is directly relevant to the post at hand- and that it has minimal steps required in order to either obtain information, or end up at the shopping cart for purchase. If your post is about a coffee mug- have the landing page be that mug for sale! 

2. Conversions:

Landing pages dramatically increase the chances of a conversion. Just as mentioned above about the coffee mug, your landing page needs to be directly related to your content or said social media post at hand. If you are posting about a product, have the landing page be that product. If you are posting about a service, have the landing page be the information directly related to the service. And make sure the landing page has ease in ability for prospects to either purchase said item or service, without having to search the site. 

3. Collecting Prospects Information:

A potential customer “may” not become a conversion today... However you can attain them as a lead! One vital piece to landing pages is acquiring client information. You can either do this as a pop up- with incentive through a free product or percentage, or simply have the form on the page itself. Personally I prefer pop ups, that way no matter which page they land on- you can acquire their information. This way, even if the client doesn’t turn into a conversion today, you now have their information and can use them in retargeting campaigns or promotional emails and retain the chance of them becoming a future conversion!

Landing pages are simple. They need to remain simple- to optimize conversions, but they are absolutely a vital piece in the process. Spend the extra time- or hire someone to create landing pages for you- you won’t regret it!

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