Monetizing Your Passion

When I went to college and discovered what my passion was in life at the age of 34, my eyes were opened and my mind was expanded to a whole new world. I started to realized what the super successful people meant by "I can't believe I get paid to show up every day, I love what I do". Before that time, I had been working to support my family and not really thought about fulfilling happiness at "work". My joy came from providing by any means necessary. The time I was spending at "work" wasn't satisfying to me and I had no idea why.

Over the years, I had become an introvert more and more. I showed up to do my job and go home. Economic pressure persuaded me to go to college after working for 10 years in the printing industry. I wanted more but I just didn't know what "it" was. I thought I could be a great manager if I had a degree. At 34 years old I started at Santa Fe College and my experiences there totally changed my life. Santa Fe provided resources for me to discover my passion which is to help others be successful. Like I said, over the years I had become very introverted and focused on providing for my family, so this self discovery was amazing to me. How can a guy like myself that has trouble communicating to other people help others?

Everyday, I worked on incorporating my passion with "work" and quickly realized that senior leadership and corporate culture would dictate how successful I was in using my "job" as a venue for my passion. I went on to graduate and did become the operations manager and led sales. I was always thinking about how can I help. It actually became a mantra of mine. How Can I Help You?

This video was a training video I was making for new machine operators and the current manager walked up on us and asked what we doing and it was a great opportunity to share. I went on a struggled at my "job" for a few more years until I decided I needed to leave to follow my passion. I left with no plan, but after a month of not working after 20 years of never stop working, I realized I needed to start my own business to achieve three major things: 1) Work with people that want to work with me and I want to work with them, 2) Autonomy to make decisions and 3) Opportunity to be wealthy. I had never been an entrepreneur and always considered myself an intrapreneur(using corporate resources to grow a business unit).

The entrepreneurial roller coaster has been an amazing journey! I have learned so much along the way. I would say my biggest take away from this past year would be that wealth is not necessarily money or physical assets. I have time freedom now which my days are filled with what I want to do rather than what I have to do. I help people and causes that I believe in and I don't waste time with those that don't value what I have to offer. Along the way, I have helped quite a few other start-ups get going by defining their passion and developing ways to monetize it. If you would like a free discovery meeting to discuss how I can help you, please click the link below and let's get started!


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