Organic Grass Roots Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation? Well- Classically known, it is pretty technical. Many businesses hire other companies specifically for lead generation via email marketing, funnels, telemarketing, digital marketing and event marketing. However today we are simply going to talk about methods of organic lead generation that the small business can easily utilize themselves.

Firstly, we have print marketing, such as EDDM (every door direct mailers). This is a method of creating an advertisement to land in your target audiences mailbox. You can narrow your audience with methods such as age brackets, income levels, and location. It can sometimes be difficult to truly target your optimal audience, but it is a relatively cheap and standardly successful route of lead generation, with minimal time & effort required on your end. We always suggest including a promotion or coupon, think “Dominos Pizza” promo cards.

Next, we have direct to business flyers. Another great route of lead generation, and if targeting other small businesses- you can easily market directly to your local target audience. it is always wise to incentivize or offer a discount to grab the attention, and try your best to get it directly into the marketing or responsible persons hands, depending on your purpose. With flyers it is also wise to do a follow up - so make sure to grab the business card, and quickly follow up with an email, and ask them when would be a good time to follow up with a phone call. Have businesses that are difficult to get in front of? This is where the incentive comes in. Depending on your product, it may be worthwhile to offer the staff a free lunch in order to grab some of their undivided time. This not only makes you stand out, but immediately creates a warm atmosphere that increases the desire of the business in becoming a client.

Next we have hot leads! This is our personal favorite but it does indeed require a decent amount of time to invest in. Hot leads are a method of reaching out to someone about a product or service, which you already know their in need of. The easiest way to do this, is by search engines. Forums, websites such as craigslist, and Facebook are out top three platforms to utilize. With forums & websites- it’s simple, utilize your search engine to type in the key words one would use when looking for your product or service. For Facebook it’s a touch trickier. You could easily type in the search bar - those same keywords, but if the persons post isn’t public, well chances are you won’t find it. The best way to use facebook for this, is groups. Search for groups that would contain your target audience, join as many as you can, then apply your keywords to the search engine - and Voila! If you’ve joined the right groups, you will suddenly have a plethora of customers posts to filter through and reach out too. And unlike cold calling- these potential customers WANT you to reach out! They are desperately looking for your product or service, and will welcome the contact. Make sure to be warm and inviting in your message, offer examples that show your quality, and always ask for a phone number or method of contact in which you can follow up with.

Well this wraps up grassroots lead generation! If in need of print, promo or a free consult, you know where to find us.

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