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Print Is Alive!

Gutenburg press used to print the Bible.

Being introduced to printing in 1998, I collated papers and fed the machines to cut, fold and stitch books. Since 1998, our world has changed. From pay phones on every corner, watching broadcast TV with commercials and actually reading the paper for the most current news, to everyone has a mobile phone, streaming/on demand entertainment and internet blurbs to catch up on the most current events. The printing industry has changed so dramatically over the past two decades to stay relevant and sustainable. The companies that have not changed from "ink on paper" have gone out of business.

"Change or Die!" is a slogan that I have personally experienced in my career. Throughout my career, I have learned a lot about the printing industry through experience; I have run finishing equipment to supervising employees to managing print shops. Starting Best Brand Solutions was my answer to the demand in the market for needing a total solution for procuring marketing materials. A total solution is needed in our economy of convenience; from file help to enterprise solutions, Best Brand Solutions can help. Our core values are Integrity, Quality, Service and Innovation.

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