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Tips on Organization: The fuel to good marketing.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Today we talk about a foundational topic: Organization. What does it mean to be organized? What tools are available? Why do we need to be organized?

For Best Brand Solutions, Organization is key. This business is multifunctional, from physical print and promotional demands, to digital designing, online marketing, and more... When first starting out, organization may not be as much of a necessity for a business, or so it could seem as there may not be as much circulating in daily responsibilities. But once that business grows, if there is not already platforms for organization in place - chaos can be sure to ensue. This is why we believe it is vital to start off your business, with quality platforms for organization already in place.

There are many different programs & applications out there to utilize for a business. Because of this we suggest trying out a few that are either free, such as google calendar & WhatsApp, or ones that offer free trials or demos. We suggest either having 3 main organizing platforms that cover the following topics, or one that encompasses all.

Calendar: A calendar is vital for organization. No matter how great your memory is- we highly suggest utilizing a calendar and planning ahead your week. We personally love google calendar. Google calendar is amazing because it covers not just scheduling - but has the ability to schedule meetings utilizing video calls with clients, has an ongoing “reminders” aspect to be able to quickly add so as not to forgot something vital, and can be used and synced across the majority of devices.

Work Flow Board: Digital Work flow boards are becoming more popular by the day, especially for businesses that have teams, or projects involving clients. They are an incredible means to allocate all data and projects into one place, which helps wonderfully for organization, and many have the ability to consolidate client communications into one place. This helps immensely so as to ensure no pieces are forgotten, and lessens the factor of clients trying to communicate directly to you via cellular text messages or calls. We use the company- So far it has the best workflow process of any we’ve tried, is very simple to use, has multiple options in regards to pricing, and excellent customer service. We definitely suggest testing out it’s free trial, which lasts an entire month and gives the ability to test out every feature before deciding exactly what package is right for you.

Whatsapp: This is another amazing free application that can be great for customer communication, data collection & sending digital media in various formats without losing any quality. One of our favorite features is group messages. This can be fantastic for businesses with teams for communication and to ensure nothing is missed. If you don’t look at it for a while and many messages are sent- it will simply open up to the last spot you viewed, so that you don’t miss out on important info. It also has a “search bar” that is very convenient. Recall a past message with vital data but can’t remember which group it was in or when it was sent? Simply type a key word into the search bar and it will recall all relevant messages. Another favorite feature is the documents storage. For it being free, it has quite a large storage that you can utilize for saving important documents, images and videos with. It also offers video chatting with numerous members, and is universal to use worldwide, so is great to foreign communications.

There are many more methods and organizational tools out there- these are just a few of our favorites! What’s your favorite? What has helped you grow? Do you find yourself unorganized and in chaos, and need help? Simply schedule a free digital consultation call and we’d be happy to help.

Best Brand Solutions. Lets Grow Together.

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