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Ever wondered why some posts do incredibly with conversions, yet others with the same type content seem to fail? Checkout these tips below- while many reasons are applicable, one common factor is Ad Copy.

Headline: Just as with newspapers since the beginning of time- one of the first things to address when creating a post geared as an ad- is the headline. Its true with the classic print- and is still true today online. Make sure the first line of your post captures the attention of your audience, is directly relative to your content, and has just enough information to intrigue yet not enough to leave them satisfied so that they will continue reading. Also - using a specialty font, bold font, or italic can aid in “stopping the scroll.” One example of a good headline would be a famous quote directly related to your content, instead of simply typing out what comes to mind. With the background of said quotation, it immediately creates the feel of quality and trust, and gives a unique authenticity to the reader.

Funnel: A funnel is a very lengthy topic to cover- but for the sake of Ad Copy, we are going to just touch on the direct link aspect. If you have a post that is simply fire to your target audience, but the link is poor, then you may lose that lead. Imagine creating a post all about the importance of a nutritious superfood- that claims to aid in every worrisome health ailment... But your link simply leads to the homepage of a supplement store in which the user has to click numerous times in order to find the product from the ad. Some may persevere to find said product- but the reality is that most will lose interest and you would lose that sale. A correct link to attach would be one that leads directly to quality information on said product, with an easily visible button for immediate purchase. Some of this does go into the background of having a quality landing page available for said ad copy- but that is another topic.

Graphic or Video: While having incredible text content in itself is vital- on social media today one of the most important pieces is the graphic or video attached. This is in essence what will cause the viewer to quit scrolling- and take a moment to peruse. The text content is what will determine whether the viewer becomes a conversion- but without quality imagery, the viewer may never even become an impression. Remember- an impression, or on Facebook a “reach” simply means that the user stopped to look. An “engagement” or “click” dependent on your platform- is when said viewer turns into a possible conversion - by either clicking on the link, some portion of content within the post, comments, or likes the post. Make sure your imagery is also directly relevant to the content at hand. Nobody likes when an incredible image stops them to view- only for the content to be completely irrelevant.

Text Content: While all the above are absolutely vital for good ad copy- so is the actual text content itself. Make sure your content has just enough quality and length to intrigue the viewer- without giving away everything. The percentage rate of a conversion increases greatly when the viewer actually clicks over, or messages, dependent on your ad goal. Picture your content design to be similar to a college paper- yet simplified. Start off with a good headline, transition into an intriguing body, and allow the conclusion to be your funnel for conversion.

Hash Tags: And finally, hash tags. Hash tags are not relative to all ad copys- they are not needed in any form outside of social media platforms- or on facebook paid ads themselves. Hash tags essentially are the “search engine keywords” of social media. On instagram- they are directly what is resultant of how your posts appear organically, and on LinkeIn and Facebook they work similarly as keywords to help posts generate when users are searching for content. They are a fantastic way to get your posts to generate organic reach- and are a great way to test drive content before investing money into a paid ad. To have good hash tags - make sure they are current with the trends and relevant to your target audience. Try to become the consumer when planning out your hash tags, and every aspect of your posts. For example, if you were to create an ad for a product directly used within the border collie competition world- you wouldn’t want to only use general animal related tags. Research what keywords border collie breeders and competitors would be utilizing when they are searching for products and choose those for your posts.

This wraps up the basics of Ad Copy- Keep an eye out for our next topic, Landing Pages! A company could have the best content and paid ads in the world, but without a proper landing page, your chances of conversion drop dramatically.

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