Understanding Analytics.

As business owners- we need to not only know, but understand what is working and why!

There are many different methods business owners are utilizing to help increase their prospects, clients and thus in turn- income. Do you know what is working for you? One major method that every business should be utilizing is Social Media in its variety of platforms...

Often times a business is too busy, or lacks experience in the social media world- and thus hires a social media manager or agency. Unfortunately with this being a new and upcoming business trend- social media agencies are everywhere, and it can be difficult to know who to choose- or if you’ve already chosen, how to know if it is working.

Here at Best Brand Solutions, we have found that the majority of social media agencies are ineffective. Most agencies or managers simply populate content to your page- and there it ends. With this type of basic agency, you are only reaching your current audience- which makes it impossible to generate new clients from social media. For social media to be a lucrative asset- it must do 4 things.

  1. Act as a funnel to your website, or essential means of sales source.

  2. Engage & Resonate with your target audience.

  3. Reach new prospects.

  4. Have proper Ad Copy for optimal Conversions.

If your social media posts are not directing customers/clients to your source of conversion- then the posts and content are non functional. To verify, ensure that your posts have proper ad copy, with links available immediately in said posts, and with content that is eye catching- informational- and with purpose as a directive for the viewers to become prospects. If the funnel is active, but isn’t generating traffic to your conversion target, then that is proof that it is not resonating with your target audience. To check this- we must study analytics.

Time and time again, we have found that the majority of business owners, especially small business owners, do not know how to monitor their own analytics- and unfortunately have employed companies that are not transparent and do not provide true analytical reports. When you are a proprietor of a business, you must be aware of what is and isn’t functioning. We advise that instead of requesting reports from your agencies- that you instead learn how to access them yourself. It is Your Company- Your Heart- and Your Time invested, so don’t risk the chance of smoke and mirrors, but discover how to monitor and analyze your reports first hand.

There are many ways to study your analytics. For websites, our favorite is Google Analytics. All websites have ways to view traffic sources, but not always in the best detail. Google Analytics is free to attach to your business, and has the most in depth monitoring system that can show you first hand where all your traffic sources are coming from. With this tool- you can easily verify whether things such as social media- are actually driving traffic to your company.

Another favorite analytical device of ours- is simply “Facebook Pages.” This app is made by facebook, and is already attached to your platforms. All you have to do is download- and sign in. Maybe you are only curious to know and understand how to monitor what your marketing agency is doing for your facebook. Instead of asking them to populate and send reports, which can often times be skewed to appear better than they are, simply download this app and view first hand what is and isn’t working. Often times an agency will utilize something such as HootSuite, or SproutSocial- but these apps to not record everything from your page, only what is populated by them or attached to them.

Once you have downloaded this app- study your post analytics. Many posts could look great, and your agency could show you that they had great “reach” with the hope that this will satisfy your need of knowledge. However, reach has nothing to do with conversions. Checkout these two photos below- The both have fantastic organic reach, but as an agency, we would not invest a dime into the first one. The reason for this is even though the reach is high- the link and other clicks, is very low. The second post has incredible link clicks. These are the analytical pieces that show you when a post is worth investing into- or when a paid ad- is actually working. Don’t be caught with the wool over your eyes! Take charge of your analytics.

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