1 gallon Virucide

1 gallon Virucide


1 Gallon

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2075 Quat is a powerful liquid sanitizing agent, germicide, algaecide and
deodorizer. When evaluated by accepted laboratory procedures, 2075 Quat
provides superior germicidal and fungicidal activity far beyond that achieved
with currently available quaternary ammonium compounds.
2075 Quat is accepted for use in USDA inspected plants without a potable
water rinse.

• 25% more effective than other "quats" -- Reduces costs
• Effective sanitizer at 150 ppm --Economical.
• Hard water tolerance -- No reduction in effectiveness.
• Not corrosive to equipment -- Eliminates premature
equipment replacement.
• Pleasant mild odor -- Acceptable to the U.S.D.A.

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